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About Us

BioFilm was formerly owned by Devro plc who are world leaders in the development and manufacture of edible thin films.

BioFilm was founded in 2003 as a specialist subsidiary focused on the development and manufacture of fast dissolving and absorbable films for use in food supplements and medical applications. BioFilm is headquartered in Blantyre near Glasgow, Scotland, where the company’s R&D, manufacturing and commercial operations are based.

In late 2007, the management led a buy-out of the company and the business is now focused on dental, healthcare and pharmaceutical opportunities for thin dissolving films.

The company is well resourced with Tate & Lyle Ventures, Scottish Investment Bank and Catapult Venture Management being its key investors. The investment has permitted the company to develop a pipeline of new products and add new technology which allows BioFilm to offer our customers a complete service from development through to fully packaged products ready for the display shelf in the store.