Teeth Whitening Strips

There are many benefits to having whiter teeth and a healthy smile, such as improved self esteem, making a good first impression, and generally feeling more confident and healthy. Whitening strips are a convenient and inexpensive way to achieve a whiter smile in your own home.

BioFilm’s dissolving strips are convenient to use 'on the go' and easy to apply with clearly visible whitening results. The strips will adhere to the upper or lower teeth to be whitened, dissolving to a gel after a few minutes and then completely washing away with saliva after 15 - 20 minutes, leaving the mouth feeling clean and fresh without having to rinse. The strips can be used either twice a day for two weeks or once a day for four weeks.

Our best-selling whitening strips contain Hydrogen Peroxide and have a fresh minty flavor. They are available for sale in USA, Canada, Australia and India and comply to the regulations in those markets. This dissolvable film technology provides fast, accurate dosing and is the ideal delivery device for teeth whitening because it is able to carry a measured dosage of active whitening ingredient for ease of use. The strips allow a sustained and controlled release of the ingredients and speeds up the absorption of the actives onto the teeth enamel, resulting in fantastic whitening results. Great application : easy to open, apply and dissolve.

BioFilm is a leading supplier of whitening strips and we have developed a range of formulas for a variety of markets with successful product launches in the US, Europe and recently in the UK with our non-hydrogen peroxide/non-chloride teeth whitening films. BioFilm’s whitening film is extremely thin, almost invisible when applied to the teeth; easy to apply, convenient, comfortable, use anywhere at any time. The film can offer triple dental care: whitens, refreshes, kills oral bacteria, nothing to remove, no mess, no swallowing hazzard. BioFilm’s single sachet packaging offers fast, accurate dosing and increases compliance because of its overall convenience.

A single dissolvable strip measuring 60mm by 20mm is sealed in a peelable foil sachet (pouch) with 56 of these single sachets packed in a printed cardboard box with a patient instruction leaflet if this is desired. The product is offered fully finished with the foil and the cardboard box branded with the customer’s own artwork.

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