Technology Platforms


  • Fast, oral delivery without water
  • Flash dispersal in the mouth - completely dissolves in 3-10 seconds
  • Products available - Breath Freshener strips, Fluoride strips, Caffeine strips


  • Dental films provide controlled release of active into mouth and onto gums, teeth and mucosa – dissolution from 15 minutes duration up to 1 hour
  • Mouth Ulcer patch is a protective film which adheres to the mucosa and occludes / protects the mouth ulcer for over 1 hour
  • Products available - Teeth whitening strips, Anti-snoring strips and Decongestant strips


  • Advanced wound dressing & plasters providing targeted release of the active ingredient onto wounds, burns and other skin injuries
  • Films for incorporation into wound dressings where slow release of the active, over 1-3 days may be required, e.g. anti-microbial agents
  • Products available - Haemostasis strip, Overnight spot blitzer strips, Honey & Iodine films


  • Convenient, non-messy delivery system for skincare
  • Cosmetics, Specialist skincare, premium toiletries
  • Products available- Skin lightening films, Germicidal soap films