Simethicone Strips

For adults:

Simethicone is an ideal remedy to relieve a bloated feeling or fullness after food as a digestif or when a busy, stressed lifestyle causes gas build up. BioFilm’s thin dissolving strips containing 60mg simethicone are a pleasant tasting, fast dissolving alternative to tablets. The peppermint flavoured strip simply dissolves quickly and completely in the mouth with no need for water and leaving no unpleasant aftertaste. These convenient, discreet and fast acting strips are individually packed into sealed foil sachets, ideal for handbag of wallet.

For children:

Many children suffer from painful infant gas. Gas bubbles can often cause discomfort, leading to crankiness and crying. BioFilm's appropriately sized fast dissolving strips containing 40mg of simethicone can provide safe, effective, speedy relief for your child's gas. Ideal for infants aged 2 years and over, the strip fits easily onto the tongue and dissolves quickly and completely in the mouth without the need for water, offering convenience and improved compliance.

Simethicone strips for children contain no saccharin, no alcohol and no artificial flavours and have a pleasant, non-bitter aftertaste. The films work gently to break down gas bubbles in minutes and are safe because they are not absorbed into your child's system. A single film with the measured 40mg dose of simethicone can be given after every feeding if required.

This product is available for partner companies to apply their own brand and is offered as a fully finished product, with multiple sachets into an cardboard box, with patient information leaflet. As this product is a medical device, a technical file is available for licensing from BioFilm.

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