Benefits of Thin Dissolving Film

Thin dissolving films offer a number of benefits to BioFilm’s partner companies and their customers. The format allows the partner to extend their brand by offering this new dosage form and this can complement tablets, capsules, lotions and sprays that they may already have on the market. The technology can also be used to introduce new novel products such is the case of wound contact films where new antimicrobial agents can be incorporated.

Consumer benefits for oral TDFs are as follows:

  • Modern innovative dosage form
  • Ideal for paediatric, geriatric and dysphagic patients who may find swallowing pills and capsules difficult
  • Convenient, no need for water and can be discreetly consumed “on the go”
  • Flavour can be added to disguise the bitter taste of many active ingredients
  • Fast delivery of API via the mucosal membranes or dermal tissues and through the GI tract

Some of the benefits of TDFs for topical applications are as follows:

  • Ease of use, non-messy
  • Targeted application of the particular active
  • Controlled release of active ingredient over a protracted time period
  • Can form an occlusive barrier that can be washed away later
  • Can be part of a multi component product which allows high speed assembly